Commercial Services

Chilled Water

The same applies for chilled water systems as it does for heating systems.

We have installed a number of different pipework systems and have worked closely with clients and other trades to ensure our installations meet the clients’ and our expectations.


There are a number of different pipework methods when it comes to installing gas.

Pipetech Services (NW) are fully averse to all of them and can provide the necessary certification for purging, installation and testing.

Whether it be a new installation or the adaptation of an existing gas pipework system.


Pipetech Services (NW) have been involved in many different forms of heating installation. From small offices to large warehouses, utilising the basic wet system all the way to heat recovery, highly technical and efficient systems.

We have helped many clients during the design phase and again during the installation itself.

Our experience and knowledge of the numerous types of heating systems available has proved to be very valuable to many people.


Here at Pipetech Services (NW) , we are capable of fitting any size and configuration of pipework from copper tube to heavy grade steel pipe.

We can install any type of fitting method whether it be soldered, welded, screwed, flanged or heat free pressfit.

In many instances we have advised our clients on the methods and systems best suited to their installation needs along with the fixing requirements.

Specialist Materials

At Pipetech Services (NW) , we try and keep abreast of new developments and innovations in pipework methods and materials.

As a result we are able to deal with any scenario.

We can provide bespoke pre-fabricated pipework sections of any material, size and configuration.

This means our customers can receive the highest level of satisfaction with an installation that suits their specific requirements perfectly.